A futuristic fantasy-style forum RPG.


These are our rules. There are six, and they are sweet. Short? Not really. But we're attempting to cover as many bases as possible.

ONE) Originality over mimicry.

Please use characters that you yourself have created for this game. We are not a fandom, we are not pan-fandom, we do not cater to those who wish to play Master Chief or Sailor Moon. This is not the game for you. If you are having difficulties with Character Generation, please hop over to that very forum for assistance. Our player base will gladly critique and inspire you into our world.

TWO) This is not the Jedi mindtrick you were looking for.

Attempt all actions your character intends to do that may possibly affect another player character/NPC/surroundings/the plot/etc. On the reverse side of the coin, don't abuse the right to 'dodge'. We are a dice-less game, but I can certainly whip a pair out if I must in the name of Justice. You are also not at liberty to post actions for someone's character or NPC. You may only control your own. The same goes for 'scene jacking'. This will only be acceptable if both parties have approached me or one of the other Seraphs(Global moderators) regarding it.

THREE) R E S P E C T for everyone including you and me.

You can be as mean as you want when you cross over into writing for your character. But you have to at least be civil, (or face banishment) if you cannot be sweet in any of the OOC areas. OOC areas include the following forums and services: Character Gen. | Members Lounge | PM system | DeviantART Group

FOUR) We are not a daycare or a summer camp.

Due to the themes of this game and possible offensive future content, Above it All is only open to those 17 years of age and older. Lying about your age will result in a permanent banishment, even if you become of age very soon.

FIVE) I will allow sin, but only a little bit!

Keep it as clean as the rating of R will allow. We're not a game for gorn, porn, or anything else ending in orn! If you have to sit there and think if I, The Holy Spirit will allow it or not, I most likely will not! Swearing in moderation. All capital letters is a frightful thing to behold. Spam is never tolerated. If you have a yen to advertise, be classy and very much OOC on it. Images in posts are size-capped at 400x400px. Signature images are capped at a height of 175px.

SIX) Activity is key to a healthy spirit and a living game.

Try to reply to threads you are involved in in a timely manner. If something's come up and you're unable to proceed, please let us know in the OOC forum. Once a month we'll be checking in on you, in the form of an 'Activity Check'. You can fail up to three of these checks before we remove you from the line up, put your character into the 'freezer' and free up the role they were playing. If you have announced your absence ahead of time, you're first check is waived.


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